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WIC Foods

July 2017

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Treat WIC vouchers like cash — They may not be replaced if lost or stolen. 


  • Valid Photo ID You must have a valid photo ID to cash your WIC vouchers.
  • Payees/Proxies Only the people listed under the signature line on the voucher, or a valid proxy, may use WIC vouchers. If a proxy is shopping for you, they must have both a valid proxy card and a valid photo ID to casht the voucher.
  • Valid Dates Look at the “Do Not Use Before” date and the “Do Not Use After” date on the front of the WIC voucher. Use your vouchers within the dates listed
  • At the register Separate your WIC foods from the other items at the checkout counter. Separate your WIC foods by each voucher, including the fruit and vegetable voucher. You do not need to buy all of the foods on the voucher. 
  • You or your proxy must
    • print the total cost of the foods purchased with the WIC voucher on the “purchase amount line”,
    • print the date on the “purchase date line”, and
    • sign on the signature line located on the bottom of the WIC voucher.
  • If an error is made when writing in the amount or date  draw one line through. Write in the correction above the error and sign with your initials.

Smart shopping: You are encouraged to buy store brand or least expensive brands when possible.

Store and manufacturer coupons and promotions

You may use store and manufacturer promotions with your WIC vouchers.

Examples are: buy one, get one free; buy one, get one at a reduced price; additional free ounces added by the manufacturer;
store savings cards or customer reward cards; and manufacturer cents-off coupons.

Respect store staff.

You and your proxy must be respectful and courteous to store. staff. Store staff must be respectful and courteous to you and your proxy.

Selling, retuning, or refunding WIC foods is not allowed.

  • You may not receive cash refunds, gift cards, change, rain checks, or IOUs in exchange for WIc vouchers, foods or formula. Only defective, spoiled or outdated foods/formula may be exchanged for the same product at the store.
  • Infant formula bought with WIC vouchers may not be exchanged for another brand of type of formula. Any formula changes must be done by your local WIC office. 
  • You and your child may be taken off the Wic program for selling WIC foods or trying to get a cash refund for WIC foods. 

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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