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WIC Foods

August 2019

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  • Getting Started: Call or go to the following to check your account balance.
    • Customer Service: 1-855-279-0680
    • Cardholder Website:
      • Select NH WIC from the drop down menu.
      • Click create user account, you will need the primary card holder mailing address zip code, date of birth and card number.
      • You may also use your last store receipt or do a benefit balance check at the store.
  • Shopping with your eWIC card:Look for the NH WIC Accepted Here sign before shopping. Use the following as a guide for how
    to do an eWIC transaction. The steps may have minor differences from store to store.
    • Select your WIC foods using your household benefit balance and the NH WIC Food List/Smart Shopper App.
    • If the store uses a stand beside device, you need to separate WIC items from other purchases.
    • The cashier scans the WIC food items.
    • Swipe your eWIC card. Always use your eWIC card first before other forms of payment.
    • Enter your four digit PIN.
    • Approve the foods bought with your eWIC card.
    • Take your card and receipt. Your receipt shows what you bought and what is left on your benefit balance.
  • Valid Dates: Look at the dates listed on your benefit list. Use your benefits within the dates listed.
  • Smart shopping: You are encouraged to buy store brand or least expensive brands when possible.
  • Store and manufacturer coupons and promotions: You may use store and manufacturer promotions with your WIC benefits.
    Examples are: buy one, get one free; buy one, get one at a reduced price; additional free ounces added by the manufacturer;
    store savings card or customer rewards cards; and manufacturer cents-off coupons.
  • Respect store staff. Respectful Behavior: Anyone shopping with an eWIC card must be respectful and courteous to store staff. Store staff must be respectful and courteous to eWIC cardholders as well.
  • Selling, returning, or refunding WIC foods is not allowed.
    • You may not receive cash refunds, gift cards, change, rain checks, or IOUs in exchange for WIc vouchers, foods or formula. Only defective, spoiled or outdated foods/formula may be exchanged for the same product at the store.
    • Infant formula bought with WIC vouchers may not be exchanged for another brand of type of formula. Any formula changes must be done by your local WIC office. 
    • You and your child may be taken off the Wic program for selling WIC foods or trying to get a cash refund for WIC foods. 

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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