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WICShopper was built to help WIC participants verify WIC eligibility of products. This app will tell you if an item is allowed by your WIC Provider. If you are experiencing a problem with your app, please contact us at WICShopper@jpma.com. We are happy to assist you.

WICShopper has different capabilities depending on what state you live in. In many states, you may register your eWIC card in WICShopper to load your current WIC benefits. In other WIC programs like TX, WY, NM, KS, DC,  and VT it is not possible to load your benefits, however you can use the app to store an image of the benefits that print out at the register. You can then refer back to that image on your next shopping trip and scan products to ensure they are WIC eligible.

We are constantly working to add more WIC Agencies. If your agency is not listed, please email us at WICShopper@jpma.com.  We can provide you with who to contact to encourage your agency to participate in the program.

If you are unable to get your WIC benefits loaded into the app, make sure to check these 3 things (or ask the store personnel) before you take a WIC allowed food to the checkout:

  • Make sure you have enough benefits left to buy the food. See your last shopping receipt for details.
  • Make sure the food and package size are included in your personal food package. See your original WIC Shopping List and your State’s WIC Shopping Guide for details.
  • Look for the WIC sticker for milk, juice, cheese, dried beans, and whole grains. Each store sells different WIC Allowed brands for these foods, so check with store personnel or your State’s WIC Shopping Guide for more details.

For more information about WICShopper visit: www.ebtshopper.com

FNS Nondiscrimination Statement

WIC is an equal opportunity provider.

Click here for information on the FNS WIC policy of nondiscrimination, and procedures for filing a complaint.

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