WIC is here to support you. Stay updated on coronavirus (COVID-19) and DC’s efforts to keep us all safe and informed here: coronavirus.dc.gov. If you’re concerned about your WIC appointment for any reason call your WIC site to see what they can do to support you. As part of our COVID-19 response, DC WIC needs participants to confirm their primary address so that WIC staff can mail checks during this time of social distancing. You can find your WIC site phone number in the “Find a WIC Office” button with this app.

For additional information on DC WIC program updates , visit https://www.dcwic.org/covid-19.

Also, please remember to bring your WIC ID Folder when shopping with your WIC checks.

Make sure the following is complete in your WIC ID Folder:
• Participant information (name and ID #) for all participants
• Names and signatures for those who will shop with WIC Checks

The cashier needs to see a complete WIC ID folder in order to finish a WIC purchase. If you need assistance at your grocery store, please call your WIC site. Thank you!

Remember: If you or any family member is experiencing a fever, cough, shortness of breath or other flu like symptoms – call your health care provider. If you are scheduled to come into the WIC office for an appointment, please contact your WIC office for instructions.

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