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WIC’s goal is to help support moms with feeding their babies. Breastfeeding with no infant formula is the recommend way to feed most babies. WIC offers larger food packages to moms who are fully or mostly breastfeeding.

If your infant is receiving formula from WIC, on January 1, 2021, Nebraska WIC will change from Enfamil® to Similac® formula.

What does this mean?

Your baby will change from Enfamil® to Similac® formula. There is a table below that shows you how to change from one formula to another.

What kind of formula will my baby get?

WIC staff will call you to find the right formula for your baby.

Here are Enfamil® and Similac® formulas.

We understand this is a big change and are here to help. Please call your local WIC clinic if you have questions.

Here is a guide to help you change formula.


Nebraska WIC Contract Formulas

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