New Jersey WIC

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In light of COVID-19, New Jersey WIC is allowing more food substitutions (in red) in addition to previously approved items in anticipation of limited food selections related to recent events. Effective immediately and until further notice.


 Every effort should be made to purchase items on the food list but when not available in the store these substitutions will be allowed.


CAN SUBSTITUTE smaller size cheeses, 8 oz up to 16 oz Example: 2 – 8 oz package cheese sizes can be substituted for

1 – 16 oz. size to add up to the total amount on the check.


CAN SUBSTITUTE ANY BRAND and ORGANIC allowed but milk fat has to be the same as what is listed on your check.
For example: whole milk cannot be substituted for 1% low fat; soy cannot be substituted for lactose free
CAN SUBSTITUTE ANY SIZE container (quart, half gallon, gallon)
For example: If the check says 2 gallons 1% low fat store brand milk then 4 half-gallons of any brand 1% milk can be substituted


CAN SUBSTITUTE Organic canned beans, dried beans, and peanut butter.

For checks listing one 16 oz package dry beans, four 15.5-16 oz. canned beans can be substituted and vice versa


CAN SUBSTITUTE one dozen (12 eggs) carton – any size (medium, large, extra-large) white or brown Grade A or AA for one dozen Grade A white large eggs.


CAN SUBSTITUTE smaller size boxes of cereal, 12oz up to 36 oz can be substituted for 18 oz up to 36 oz size to add up to the total amount on the check.

Infant Fruits and Vegetables

CAN SUBSTITUTE two 2 oz. containers of Infant Fruits or Vegetables instead of one 4 oz. Infant Fruit or Vegetable container.

Bread/Whole Grains

Whole Grains (16-ounce size package only) Whole Wheat Pasta, Brown Rice, Corn and Whole Wheat Tortilla and Whole Wheat Bread

CAN SUBSTITUTE ANY allowed WHOLE GRAIN listed in the food guide for the same amount of whole grain listed on the check.
CAN SUBSTITUTE ANY BRAND Up to 24-ounce package 100% whole-wheat bread




This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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