What’s happening?

Dear New Mexico WIC Participants,

It has been our pleasure to serve you for many years, but we are sad to announce that New Mexico will no longer be supported in WICShopper after July 20th. New Mexico WIC is involved in many exciting projects and will, perhaps, revisit having a mobile app in the future.  Rather than risk providing you with outdated information, we have decided it is time to remove the agency from the app.  

What Can I Do?

  • Keep your New Mexico WIC Approved Food List with you while you shop.
  • Save the receipt from your last WIC purchase.  Your balance will always be printed on the bottom of the receipt.  If you lose the receipt, you can alway ask the service desk to print you a new in the store.  
  • Please don’t leave WICShopper a bad review!  If we could fully support New Mexico WIC, we certainly would! If the app was helpful to you, please consider leaving a positive review so your WIC directors see the importance.
  • Please DO tell your WIC office staff if WICShopper was helpful to you!