Ohio WIC Card

Look what’s new!

Ohio WIC has added a new feature in WICShopper that will make WIC shopping MUCH easier!  The WICShopper app will allow you register your WIC card to keep track of your WIC benefits and to scan products against your remaining benefits to make sure you wont have any problems at the register! Keep reading for important information about the new feature.

Checking your WIC benefits balance

First, tap the new “My Benefits” button in the upper right corner of the main screen:

You will be prompted to enter your 16 digit eWIC card number two times.

After registering your card, you will be able to view your remaining benefits by tapping the new “My Benefits” button (this button replaced the “Capture Benefits” button).  When scanning products, the app will tell you if the product is WIC eligible AND if you have the benefits to purchase the product.

Important note:  The benefits you see are delayed by up to a day.  Be sure to check the top of your benefits screen to see when the benefits were uploaded to WICShopper. Keep in mind that shopping trips after that time will NOT be reflected in your benefit balance!

Maine WIC WICShopper benefit balances