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We want to help you shop during COVID-19.

Oregon WIC has new options for fruit, vegetables, eggs and cheese.  These are not extra benefits.  These foods are temporarily added to help you find foods to buy with your existing benefits. 

As of May 4, 2020, you can temporarily buy:

  • Canned fruits and vegetables with your fruit and vegetable benefit. See below for more details.
  • 12 oz. packages of mozzarella string cheese
  • Authorized cheese in 8 oz. blocks
  • White eggs that are medium, large, extra-large and jumbo (no organic or cage-free)

If the milk you usually buy with WIC not available?  If you can’t find the milk or yogurt you usually buy, contact your WIC clinic.  They might be able to change your benefits temporarily to get a different type of milk.

Which canned fruits and vegetables can I buy?

Canned Fruit


  • Fruit packed in water or juice without added sugars
  • Any type of container, including plastic multi-packs
  • Natural or unsweetened applesauce OK
  • Organic is OK

Don’t Buy

  • No syrup, such as heavy, light or extra light
  • No artificial sweeteners or no-calorie sweeteners
  • No fruits cocktail or mixed fruit with cherries

Canned Vegetables


  • Vegetables without added fats or oils
  • Tomato or tomato products OK (like whole, strained, crushed, diced, paste or purees)
  • Organic is OK


Don’t Buy

  • No mixtures with mature beans, such as kidney or black beans
  • No pickled, creamed or sauced canned vegetables
  • No salsa, stewed tomatoes or tomato sauces

If you find a food you think should be eligible, please alert us on the ‘I couldn’t buy this’ button.


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