Utah WICInfant Formula Recall Information – Substitute Formulas

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Utah WIC is doing all that it can to help you navigate the formula recall and provide you with your infant formula benefits. Utah WIC will keep participants updated about any changes as we learn them through a variety of methods, including our website, the WIC Shopper app, text messages, social media channels, etc.

How long will the recall last?

At this time, we do not know, but are anticipating that it will likely last several months as Abbott cleans and sanitizes their facility and prepares to produce the affected formulas again.

What formula will I get from WIC while the recall is in place?

While the Similac formula recall is occurring, Utah WIC is offering alternative standard infant formulas to participants who have been issued recalled Similac products.

How will clinics issue these substitute formulas to WIC participants?

The food packages for recalled formulas will be updated to state the type of formula (standard, sensitive, spit-up, and comfort) and include substitute formulas approved to purchase in place of the recalled formula. This will then allow the participant to purchase any of the formulas included in the substitute formula food package.

If your infant/child has already been issued benefits for a recalled Similac formula, you do not need to come into the clinic for a food package change. Your benefits will automatically transition to the appropriate substitute formula food package and you can begin purchasing any of the allowed substitute infant formulas for the recalled formula you were originally issued.

If you do not get a new food package from the clinic starting on March 1, your benefits will still show the Similac formula you were initially issued on your food benefits. If this occurs, you can still purchase any of the allowed substitute rebate infant formulas for the recalled Similac formula you were originally issued.

If your infant/child has already been issued benefits for Enfamil Infant, Gerber Good Start Gentle, Enfamil Gentlease, Geber Good Start Soothe or SoothePro, Enfamil Reguline, or Enfamil AR, you should contact the clinic. An adjustment to your card will be needed to continue to receive your prescribed formula. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

Can I mix and match the different substitute formulas in a food package?

Yes. If the substitute rebate formula food package that you are assigned has multiple options of formulas that are available to purchase in that food package, you can purchase different types of substitute formulas, up to the number of cans issued each month. However, all formulas purchased need to be in the same food package in order to be taken off of your eWIC card. I.e., if you have the Standard Infant Formula food package on your eWIC card with 9 cans each month, you could purchase 5 cans of Enfamil Infant and 4 cans of Gerber Good Start Gentle (or any combination of these two formulas up to the 9 cans issued).

Can I switch to a different formula if I am receiving Similac Elecare or Alimentum?

Similac Elecare and Alimentum are considered medical formulas, which always require a doctor’s prescription [WIC Food and Formula Authorization Form (FAFAF)] in order to change. We recommend that you speak with your health care provider about alternative formulas for Similac Elecare and Alimentum and get a new FAFAF so WIC can continue providing you with needed formula benefits.

What if I can’t find infant formula to feed my baby?

Please check all stores in your area for infant formula. Speak with your doctor if you are having trouble feeding or finding formula for your baby.

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