Enjoy more Fruits and Vegetables with WIC!

November and December 2021

Why is WIC providing more fruits and vegetables?

As part of the Continuing Resolution, the WIC Cash Value Benefit (CVB) for fruits and vegetables will be temporarily increased for each WIC participant over 1 year of age.

How long will I receive the increased amount for fruits and vegetables?

Your WIC benefits will be updated in November and December to include $24 for children, $43 for pregnant and postpartum women, and $47 for breastfeeding women each month for fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables. Families with more than one WIC participant over age 1 will receive $24, $43, or $47 for each child/woman.

Can WIC help me with recipes using my fruits and vegetables?

Yes! You can ask at your next WIC appointment or check out these fun resources for ideas and recipes:

  • WICShopper App—Recipes Find recipes that incorporate WIC foods including fruits and vegetables. Access from your computer, or on your tablet or Smartphone using the WICShopper app or use a web browser to visit: https://ebtshopper.com/recipes.
  • Wichealth.org—Health eKitchen provides valuable resources and lots of recipes. IF unsure of your login information ask your WIC local agency
  • MyPlate Kitchen Search www.myplate.gov/myplate-kitchen for a large selection of recipes, create your own cookbook, or watch videos to learn how to prepare healthy foods for your family.​
  • ChopChop Simple and tasty recipes you can make and enjoy with your family. Sign up for their newsletter or cooking club to receive new recipes every month.  https://www.chopchopfamily.org/.

More Information

Contact your WIC local agency TODAY to get your increase loaded onto your eWIC card.

Please remember, if any November benefits are redeemed before the increase is uploaded to your card, you will not be able to receive the increase, so don’t delay!”

WIC Fruits and Veggies

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