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Information for WIC Participants Regarding Formula Availability

Which formulas can I buy?

Due to the formula recall, Oregon WIC participants who receive formula can temporarily use their WIC EBT cards to purchase specific alternative options. Click here to see a list of allowed formula alternatives.

If you need to purchase formula using your WIC benefits:

  • We are once again starting to see Similac powder formulas in stores. If the formula listed on your benefit is available, please use your eWIC card to purchase it.
  • If you cannot find the formula listed on your benefit or any of the alternative formulas, please call your local WIC clinic to explore options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are homemade formulas safe?
A: No. The FDA strongly advises to not feed homemade formula to infants. Feeding infants homemade formula can be life-threatening due to the potential for contamination and the absence of or inadequate amounts of vital nutrients.
Q: Are the Similac formulas currently available in stores safe to use?
A: Recalled products should no longer be available for sale. If you feel unsure, use the lot number as shown below to check against recalled products.
Q: Which products were recalled?
A: Abbott Nutrition recalled several powder infant formulas in February 2022. Here’s how you can tell if you have any of those products:


Affected products have lot numbers with all three of the following:

  • The first two digits between 22 through 37, and
  • A code on the container contains K8, SH, or Z2, and
  • An expiration date of 04/01/2022 or later.

If the formula you have was recalled:

  • Do NOT use the formula.

Options to exchange or replace it are:

  • Call Abbott directly at 1-800-986-8540.
  • Check with your store. WIC has temporarily approved additional options for replacing recalled formula, which may include, but are not limited to, the same product, a substitute product, store credit, or a cash refund.
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