Retailers and EBTShopper

Simplifying WIC EBT

And the greater role retailers can play.

Each day, over 20,000 families in the nation’s WIC program rely on the WICShopper mobile app as they shop for their WIC foods. Thanks to the support of state and local WIC agencies, hundreds of new families discover WICShopper every day. WIC participants have proven that they need this service. They tell us they use WICShopper each time they shop. We know of no other shopping app that can make this claim.

WICShopper provides an opportunity for retailers to enhance the service further they provide to young families who use WIC. WICShopper provides a communication channel to a generation that is notoriously hard to reach – Millennials. More populous than the Baby Boomers, Millennials are highly connected, poised to be the most educated generation ever and have a strong appreciation for Brands that support social causes. Watch the presentation below to see how WICShopper works and to learn about the role retailers can play.

How it works:

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Eliminate Checkout Disputes

EBTShopper users know with certainty that everything in their basket it WIC eligible for them.  This means no checkout disputes and no abandoned merchandise.

Show your Deals

Your ads, your promotions.  Show young families why they should shop with you.  Whether they’ve selected your store or are deciding where to shop, they’ll see your deals.

YOUR apps YOUR social media

If you have an app, we want people find it.  We want people to Yelp you, Tweet you, ‘Like’ you and supporting EBTShopper gives them a reason to LOVE you.

Make shopping easy

We list YOUR items for each WIC category in your customer’s benefits. That makes it easy for the participant. Shoppers shop where it’s easy.

No stigma zone

EBTShopper keeps WIC discreet.  People shop where they are comfortable, and EBTShopper makes your store a no stigma zone.

Highlight your brands

Encourage participants to select your store brands, LEB or NTE products.