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Effective October 2017

New WIC Foods Due to COVID-19

Learn more about the foods we’re working to add and what’s available now.

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Washington State WIC
Changes to WIC Allowed Foods
In Response to COVID-19
Updated July 30, 2020

We know finding WIC foods has been hard. Thanks for your patience as stores work hard to keep items stocked. WIC is helping too, by adding more approved foods!
You can find newly approved WIC foods in these two ways:

1. WICShopper app – Use the WICShopper app to find out if an item is on the allowed list.
2. Website – Go to our Shopping with WIC webpage to see a full list of new approved foods.

If you want to help us add items to our approved foods list, email us at [email protected] with photos that include:

  • Front of the food label
  • Barcode with UPC number
  • Ingredient list
Baby Foods
  • Infant fruit and vegetables
    • Stage 1
    • Organic in addition to non-organic
    • Sizes – Baby food must be in 4oz containers or 2oz containers double packs (4oz total)
  • Infant cereal
    • Organic
    • Sizes 8oz or 16oz
  • Refried beans that are low fat or nonfat
  • Sizes 15oz to 16oz
  • Hot cereal brands and types
  • Cold cereal brands and types
  • Bag cereal
  • Sizes – Cereal must be 9oz to 32oz sizes


  • String cheese
  • Cheese sticks – all allowed cheese or any combination of allowed cheese
  • Provolone cheese
  • Swiss cheese
  • Munster cheese
  • Shredded cheese – all allowed cheese or any combination of allowed cheese
  • Sizes – Cheese must be 8oz, 16oz, or 32oz sizes
  • Brown in addition to white
  • Cage free and organic ok. Please note: No pasture raised eggs or eggs with Omega 3 and/or DHA
  • All sizes – small, medium, large, extra-large and jumbo
  • Pouches in addition to cans
  • More brands
  • Sizes
    • Pouches 2.5 oz
    • Can
      • Tuna 5 oz to 6 oz
      • Salmon 5oz to 14.75oz
      • Sardines 3.75 oz to 4.4oz
Soy Beverages
  • WESTSOY Organic Plus (It must say “Plus”)
    • Vanilla or Plain
    • Non-refrigerated only
    • Size – 32oz container
  • Great Value Soymilk Original
    • Original
    • Refrigerated
    • Size – half gallon (64oz) container

Please note: Most soy beverages don’t meet federal nutrition requirements. We will keep looking
to see if other brands or types can be added.


  • Fruit flavored yogurt with <40 gm of sugar/ 8oz
  • Greek ok. Please note: No organic yogurt
  • Whole milk yogurt is now available for children 1 year of age.
  • Sizes – Yogurt must be in 32oz containers
Peanut Butter
  • Organic
  • 16oz containers only
  • Other brands
  • Sizes – Up to 32oz
Whole Wheat Pasta
  • Other brands
  • Sizes – Container must be 16oz to 32oz
  • Whole grain breads – Whole grain must be the first ingredient on the ingredient list. Whole grain breads can have nuts and seeds
  • Size – 16oz to 32oz packages
Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns
  • Whole grain breads – Whole grain must be the first ingredient on the ingredient list
  • Size – 14oz to 32oz packages
All newly approved foods
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