Oregon 2016 Food List

As of October 1st, 2016, when you check your balance, you will notice new wording for whole grains, dry beans, and 64 oz. bottled juice.

On the food list, you will find:

  • Five (5) new whole grain options: oats, instant brown rice, bulgur, whole grain pasta, and whole wheat tortillas.
  • Four (4) cans of canned beans can be purchased instead of 16 oz. of dry beans or a 16-18 oz. jar of peanut butter.
  • Organic baby food options
  • Yogurt and tofu
  • A new selection of cereals and juices.  The 16 oz. frozen orange juice has been removed.

If you would like to replace some of your milk for yogurt or tofu, your WIC clinic will need to make the change.  Bring this up during your next WIC clinic visit.