Wyoming WIC

Food Shopping Guide

Effective November 1, 2017

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  • WIC transactions should not be completed in self-check out lanes.
  • At the beginning of the transaction, let the cashier know that you will be using your WYO W.E.S.T. card.
  • Your WIC foods do not need to be separated from the rest of your groceries.
  • Store discount cards, coupons of any kind, or promotions are allowed and encouraged to be used with your WIC purchase.
  • Take your receipt printout with you, or print a benefit balance receipt at the store before shopping. This will help you to know what is available for you to purchase.
  • NO SUBSTITUTIONS OR EXCHANGES ARE ALLOWED – All WIC Purchases are final, unless the item(s) purchased were expired or damaged.
  • Not all products will be available at all stores. If an item you are trying to purchase with your WIC benefits does not scan as WIC approved, please provide the UPC and a description of the product to your local WIC office immediately or email pictures of the item to [email protected]. (Description or pictures must include the product name, size, UPC, and ingredient listing.)

  • If you are not able to buy juice with your WIC benefits, the product may not have enough Vitamin C or make the correct amount.
  • In order to receive your full nutrition benefit, we encourage you to buy and use all of the monthly food benefits prescribed for you and your family.
  • If your local WIC office is closed and you need assistance, contact 1-888-996-9378 during normal business hours.

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NOT ALLOWED: Organic, Canned Sweet Peas, Mixed, Green Beans, Soup/Soup Mixes, Chili, Baked Beans, Beans with Meat, Snap Green, Wax, Yellow, Added Flavoring, Added Fat, Added Oil, or Any Other Size



WG = WHOLE GRAIN as defined by USDA

NOT ALLOWED: Organic, Any Other Size, or Any Other Flavor


  • Buy produce in season for the best price and flavor.
  • You are allowed to purchase organic, but typically organic costs more and you may not get as much for your money.
  • Split Tender is now available with your fresh and/or frozen fruit and vegetable benefits. This means if your fruit and vegetable purchase costs more than what you have left on your card, you may pay the difference with cash, debit/credit, SNAP, or another tender.
  • If you are not able to purchase certain fresh fruits or vegetables, it could be that the item is not set up correctly in the grocer system. Please let your local WIC office know immediately, or if you have a smart phone, take a picture of the product and the UPC and email it to wdh-w[email protected] .



Fully breastfeeding moms, pregnant women with multiples, and fully breastfed infants receive extra food benefits


All WIC Juice must contain at least 120% Vitamin C and be 100% juice.

NOT ALLOWED: Organic, Cocktail Juices, Apple Cider, Granny Smith Apple, Added Sugar, Added Sugar Substitutes, Any Other Flavors, or Any Other Size


Misusing the WIC Program takes away food and services from all participants. Buying, selling, or giving away a WIC EBT card or WIC food benefits is against the law. You may be prosecuted for buying, selling, or attempting to buy/sell either a WIC EBT card or WIC food benefits.

Help put a stop to potential WIC Fraud. Please report any WIC participant or grocer you suspect of buying or selling WIC EBT cards or WIC food benefits, or any suspicious activity involving the WIC Program by calling
1-888-996-9378, email [email protected], or complete the Fraud & Abuse Reporting Form found on our website,


This institution is an equal opportunity provider. 

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