Summer EBT Helpful Hints

  • Along with the Helpful Hints, the following are included in your Summer EBT packet:
    • Benefit card: EBT card to use for the 2019 benefit period
    • Shopping list which shows:
      • The start and end date for benefits. All benefits expire midnight Aug. 14.
      • The amount of each kind of food available during each benefit period.
    • Food card: List of approved foods, chosen by USDA nutrition experts.
    • Shopper App Flyer: WICShopper can be used to check your balance, scan barcodes while in the store to find out if a product is approved and in your balance, find store locations and more.
    • Store List: List of approved grocery stores participating in the Summer EBT program.
  • Use the EBT Customer Service line (866) 358-8767 or myebtbalanccom to:
    • Set a PIN before shopping (use the oldest school-age child’s birthdate when requested).
    • Check your balance (also shown on grocery receipts and WICShopper app).
    • Hear or see a list of your recent purchase
  • You can shop multiple times each month – you do not have to buy all the food at onc
  • At the store checkout:
    • Tell the cashier you will be paying with Summer EBT and show your card.
    • When instructed, swipe your card and enter your PIN.
    • All foods which are approved and in your balance will be paid for by Summer EBT and will be removed from your balance. Foods not on the approved list or not in your balance can be voided by the cashier before you approve the sale, or you may pay for them with another form of payment.
  • Your receipt shows your remaining balance and when the benefits expir
  • You may use coupons. With “two for one” or similar coupons, the SEBTC program will pay for one and you will receive the other free. With “cents off” coupons, the coupon amount will be deducted from the price paid by the SEBTC program.
  • If you receive WIC, you cannot use your WIC card and your SEBTC card in the same transaction.
  • Frequently asked questions and answers can be found at
  • Call Chickasaw Nation SEBTC at (580) 272-1178 or (844) 256-3467 (8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday) to:
    • Report your card as lost, stolen or damaged and get a replacement card.
    • Update your address and/or phone number.
    • Report a shopping problem (call while in the store, if possible). If after hours or on weekends, take a picture of the receipt, the error on the register screen, or the products you were not able to purchase, and call us the next business day.
    • Ask additional program questions

Food List

Click below to view the Chickasaw Nation SEBTC authorized food list

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  When can I purchase foods?

A:    You have three benefit months:

May 15-Aug. 14

June 15-Aug. 14

July 15-Aug. 14

Unused benefits roll over each month and all benefits expire at midnight on Aug. 14.

Q:  What if my item does not scan as an approved item at the register?

A:    You may have selected a food item that is the wrong size or wrong brand.

  • You may not have enough of that item in your balance.
  • You can choose to pay for that item or tell the cashier to void the item.
  • You can report the item to our office so we may investigate. If possible, take a picture of the UPC and label, or write down the UPC, brand and package size. You may call the Summer EBT office at (580) 272-1178 or (844) 256-3467 while in the store (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday).
  • You can use the Summer EBT Shopper App to help you find approved foods and check to see if they are in your balance.

Q:  If the store is out of certain items like milk or bread, will I lose my benefits?

A:    Summer EBT benefits now roll over each month. You do not have to worry about your benefits expiring until midnight on August 14.

  • We recommend you start shopping at the beginning of the benefit period and shop throughout the month to ensure you get all your benefits. You can shop multiple times in a month.
  • You can try shopping at another approved store in your area.


Q:  Can I get 2% or whole milk with summer EBT?

A:    No, Summer EBT cards cannot be used to buy whole milk or 2% milk. Summer EBT allows low fat (1% or ½ %), fat free (skim) milk and buttermilk.

  • Low fat milk is a healthy choice for you and your family.
  • We understand some people are not used to the taste of low fat milk.
  • Here are some tips for introducing low fat milk to your family:
    • When moving to low fat milk, take your time.
    • Try mixing whole or reduced fat (2%) with the low fat milk for a few days. This will help your kids get used to the new taste. After a few days try using only the low fat milk.
    • Try using the low fat milk in your cereal.

Q:  My child is lactose intolerant. Are there other milk options?

A:    Yes, you can buy lactose free milk with your Summer EBT card. It must be fat free or low fat.


Q:  My family cannot drink all the milk before it expires. What should I do?

A:    If you have freezer space, milk can be frozen.

There are also shelf stable milk options such as dry milk (powder milk) and evaporated milk (canned milk).

Q:  I have two kids and tried to buy a 2-pound block of cheese. Why was it denied?

A:    Cheese must be bought in a one pound (16 oz) package only. If you have two children, you can purchase two packages that are one pound (16 oz) each.

Q: I have 8 oz of cereal left on my benefits but I cannot buy an 8 oz box. What can I do?

A:    When buying cereal, planning ahead is the best way to take advantage of all your benefits. Before you make your purchases, add up the total amount of your boxes to make sure you are getting the most out of your benefits.

Each child is issued 18 oz of cereal each month. You can buy cereal boxes from 11.8 oz to 36 oz. Benefits roll over so if you have a remaining balance from the first month, it will be added to your balance for the second month. Your benefits expire at midnight on Aug. 14.

Q:  What if the store does not have a 16 oz loaf of bread?

A:    Approved stores must carry bread in the correct size. The store may be out of stock.

Ask store personnel if they have 16 oz loaves of bread anywhere else in the store or in the back of the store.

If the store is out of stock, ask a store manager when their next shipment comes in so you can plan your next shopping trip.

You can buy other whole grain options including brown rice, bulgur, oatmeal, soft corn tortillas, whole wheat pasta and whole wheat tortillas. See your food card for the approved package sizes.

Q:  My child is allergic to gluten, what can I get instead of bread?

A:    Soft corn tortillas are a gluten free alternative to bread. Look at your food card for package sizes.

Q:  Why did I have to pay for my fruits and vegetables when I have money in my balance?

A:    Sometimes items will have a new barcode that we do not have in our system. We see this most often with fruits and vegetables. If you find something that is not approved by Summer EBT but you think it should be, take a picture of the barcode or write down the number and give us a call to let us know. The store is unable to add items to our approved list, but we can look into it and add the item if it is something that should be approved.

Q:  How do the peanut butter/beans/peas buying options work?

A:    Each child is issued one unit in the peanut butter/beans/peas category.

1 container of peanut butter


1 pound of dry beans


4 cans of canned beans (4 cans = 1 unit)

Your food card shows container/can sizes, brands allowed and items not allowed. You can use the Summer EBT Shopper App to help you find approved foods and check to see if they are in your balance.

Preguntas frecuentes

• Use la línea de atención al consumidor del EBT (866-358-8767) o el sitio para:

o Establezca un número PIN antes de hacer compras por primera vez (cuando se lo pidan, ponga la fecha de nacimiento de su hijo mayor)

o Compruebe su saldo (el saldo aparece en el recibo de sus compras)

o Vea/escuche la lista de sus compras recientes
• Llame a Chickasaw Nation SEBTC al (580) 272-1178 o al (844) 256-3467 (8 a.m. a 5 p.m., de lunes a viernes) para:

o Informar que su tarjeta se perdió, se la robaron o se dañó, y obtener una tarjeta de reemplazo.

o Actualizar su domicilio y/o número de teléfono

o Denunciar un problema de compras (llamar desde el comercio, si es posible). Si el problema ocurre fuera del horario de atención o durante un fin de semana, saque una foto del recibo, el error en la pantalla de registro o los productos que no pudo comprar y llámenos el primer día hábil.

o Hacer preguntas adicionales sobre el programa
• Nuevo – Aplicación para el comprador del EBT de verano. Use la aplicación del comprador para comprobar su saldo, escanear códigos de barra en los comercios para saber si el producto está aprobado y si lo puede comprar con su saldo, encontrar la ubicación de tiendas y mucho más.

• Vea su lista de compras para saber:

o Las fechas en las que comienzan y terminan los beneficios para cada uno de los tres períodos. Los beneficios no utilizados se reinvierten y expiran el 14 de agosto a la medianoche.

o La cantidad de cada tipo de alimento disponible durante cada período de subsidio.
• Hay una lista de alimentos aprobados en la tarjeta de alimentos incluida en su paquete del EBT de verano, y también se la puede obtener por medio de la aplicación para el comprador del EBT de verano. Los alimentos que recibe son alimentos sanos elegidos por especialistas en nutrición del Departamento de Agricultura de Estados Unidos. Cuando se encuentre en las tiendas, busque en las góndolas los artículos marcados como “Aprobados por el WIC”.
• El paquete del EBT de verano contiene una lista de los comercios aprobados.

• Se puede hacer compras todas las veces que se quiera durante el mes, no hace falta que compre todos los alimentos de una vez.

• En la caja de la tienda:

o Dígale al cajero que va a pagar con EBT de verano y muéstrele su tarjeta.

o Cuando se lo pidan, pase su tarjeta por el lector e ingrese su PIN.

o Todos los alimentos que están aprobados y en su saldo serán pagados por el programa EBT de verano y serán eliminados de su saldo. Es posible que los alimentos que no están en la lista de aprobados o que no se encuentran en su saldo sean anulados por el cajero antes de que usted apruebe la venta o que usted deba pagar por ellos con otro medio de pago.

• Si usted se pasa de su saldo, puede pagar por el resto de los alimentos con otro medio de pago.

• Guarde el recibo para conocer su saldo y saber cuándo expira el subsidio.

• Se pueden usar cupones. En el caso de cupones “dos por uno” o similares, el programa SEBTC pagará por uno y usted recibirá
el otro gratis. Con los cupones de descuento, el valor del cupón se deducirá del precio pagado por el programa SEBTC.

• Si recibe WIC, no puede usar su tarjeta WIC y su tarjeta SEBTC en la misma transacción.

• En hay una lista de preguntas frecuentes.

Summer EBT for Children is an initiative of the Chickasaw Nation.
This institution is an equal opportunity provider.
This material is based upon work that is supported by the Food and Nutrition Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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