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How to find a WIC office or phone number
How to find a WIC store
  • Use the “WIC Stores” button in the WICShopper app
  • Look for a “WIC Accepted Here” sign.
WICShopper - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please note: If you would like to submit a question about the WICShopper app please email [email protected]

Scan Barcode or Key Enter UPC:

Q: I scanned some foods or key entered a UPC number and see some different messages.  What do they mean?


  • Allowed – This items is WIC allowed.  It’s a great way to know if a food is WIC allowed.  One thing to know is you might see an item is allowed, but it’s not in your WIC food benefits, so you can’t buy it with WIC. Until WIC benefits link to the WICShopper app, this “allowed” message may not apply to your family’s benefits. For example, a one year old child gets whole milk. If you don’t have a one year old child in your family, whole milk won’t be part of your WIC food benefits, and you won’t be able to buy whole milk at the check stand.
  • Not a WIC item – This means WIC hasn’t approved this item. If you think you should be able to buy this food with WIC food benefits let us know by using “I couldn’t buy this!” [HC(3] located in this app.
  • Unable to identify – This means the app can’t read the barcode.  If for any reason, it’s hard for the app to read the barcode you’ll get this message. You can also use the button, Key Enter UPC, in the App to enter the 12-digit UPC number located under the barcode.

Q: I tried scanning fresh fruits and vegetables.  Either they don’t scan or they come up as not allowed. Why?

A: The app can’t scan fresh fruits and vegetables. But, the good news is you can scan frozen fruits and vegetables.

I couldn’t buy this!

Q: When would I use, “I couldn’t buy this”? And what is it?

A:  “I couldn’t buy this!” lets you tell WIC when a food item you’re trying to buy with your WIC food benefits is denied at the check stand. When you use, “I couldn’t buy this” in the WICShopper app, we’ll get a notice at the State WIC office. We review all items you tell us about and work with stores to make allowed foods available to you!

Q: If I think I should be able to buy a WIC food and I tell you, when would I know if my food item was added?

A: You can check by scanning the item at your next visit.

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