Tofu Hacks - Mix Coat, Swap and Top


Every WIC food has a specific nutrition role to fill. Why Tofu? Tofu provides a low-fat source of:
  • Protein, which provides energy and helps your body build bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, blood, enzymes and hormones.
  • Calcium, which helps your body build and maintain strong bones
Tofu Hacks for Better Health. Tofu easily takes on the flavor of other ingredients in a recipe making it a great substitution for meat, eggs, or dairy if you can’t tolerate lactose.
  • Swap half a cup of silken tofu for yogurt in smoothies to add more low fat protein.
  • Swap silken tofu for heavy cream in creamy soup recipes.
  • Mix some crumbled soft tofu into ground meat in tacos, casseroles, dumplings and other recipes to lower the fat and get more servings out of the meal.
  • Swap crumbled firm tofu for eggs, season and add chopped veggies to make a delicious breakfast scramble.
  • Swap ¼ cup silken tofu for each egg in baking recipes.
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