Talk, read, and sing with your child during everyday moments at home—like meal time, bedtime, or diaper time. Each conversation, story, song, and cuddle you share with your child builds their brains and prepares them for success in school and in life.

1. As you feed your baby, use words to describe what foods taste, feel, and look like. “This yogurt is smooth.” “That yellow banana is sweet!”

2. Make up fun songs throughout the day. Try changing words to familiar songs like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” with words to describe the things you’re doing together.

3. At bedtime, snuggle up and take turns asking questions like, “What was the best part of your day? How about the silliest?”

4. Let’s play peek-a-boo! Cover your baby’s face and say, “Where’s (baby’s name)?” Then say, “There you are!”

5. Turn “laundry time” into “talk time!” Ask questions like, “What do the clothes feel like? Are they soft? Bumpy?”

6. Read a book with your child every day—in whatever language you feel most comfortable—beginning at birth. As you read, point to the pictures and talk about what you see on the page.

8. While doing laundry, use math words like “pair.” You might say, “Let’s find a pair of socks. Pair means two things that match.”

9. Stories, rhymes, poems, and songs from your childhood are an important part of your child’s heritage. Trying sharing these with your children today!

10. Play “silly stacks” with your child. Count as you or your child stacks blocks. Stack two blocks or objects and then ask your child, “Do you want one more?”

11. Make counting part of everyday routines. Before putting your toddler to bed, ask if she wants 2 kisses or 3 kisses. Count aloud as you give each kiss.

12. During bedtime, hold your baby close and sing a favorite song again and again. Singing the same song can help your baby feel calm and safe.

13. Tune into your baby’s feelings. You might ask, “How do you feel?” Use words like happy, sad, or tired.

14. Turn “diaper time” into “talk time!” Look your baby in the eye and smile as you change her diaper—your loving expression lets her know you care.

15. During diaper time, have fun counting together. As you speak, wiggle your baby’s toes or fingers. Your gentle voice and touch helps him feel loved.

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