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Shopping with eWIC

Using your eWIC card
Who to Call
To activate your card, to report a lost or stolen card, or check your WIC balance:

Activate Your Card
When you receive your eWIC card in the clinic, sign the back and set up your 4 digit Personal Identification Number or PIN. To set up a PIN, you can either:

  • Call WIC EBT Customer Service at 1-855-769-8890
  • Visit the WIC EBT website (You must create a username and password to set up your account. Begin by selecting “Vermont” from the dropdown menu on the cardholder portal.)

When creating a PIN, have your date of birth, zip code and eWIC card number ready.

Once you create a PIN, your eWIC card is ready to use at an authorized WIC grocery store.

Know your eWIC Card Account Balance
At the beginning of each month, your complete food package will be available. To check your balance throughout the month, you can:

  • Call 1-855-769-8890 or check the website (the phone number and website are listed on the back of your eWIC card)
  • Check the ending balance on your receipt after making a WIC foods purchase.
  • Check your beginning balance at Customer Service before you shop.
Understand your Nutrition Benefits
  • The items in your WIC food package include specific quantities for each food category. For example:
      • 4 gallons of low-fat milk (you choose 1% or skim depending on your preference);
      • 36 ounces of breakfast cereal (you choose hot or cold from the approved list);
      • 32 ounces of whole grains (you choose from approved 16 ounce packages of whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole wheat or corn tortillas, or whole wheat pasta).
      • The fruit and vegetable benefit is a dollar amount, for example: $8 for children and $11 for women (you choose from fresh, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables)

    Details for all food products allowed by WIC are found in the Vermont WIC Program and Food Guide.  View here or pick up a copy at your local WIC office.

    Be sure to buy all your WIC foods each month in which your account is credited. Unpurchased foods don’t “carry over” so make sure to buy all your WIC foods by the last day of each month. All WIC accounts are “zeroed out” at the end of the month.

Shopping with your eWIC card
  • Buy what you need. You do not have to buy all your foods at one time!
  • Have your card ready at check out.
  • Swipe your eWIC Card at the beginning of the transaction.
  • Enter your PIN and press the enter button on the keypad.
  • The cashier will scan your foods.
  • The amount of approved food items and dollar amount of fruits and vegetables you purchase will be deducted from your WIC account.
  • The cashier will give you a receipt which shows your remaining benefit balance and the date benefits expire.
  • It’s important to always remember to swipe your eWIC card before any other forms of payment.
  • Any remaining balance can be paid with cash, EBT, SNAP, or other form of payment accepted by the store.
About my PIN
  • What is a PIN (Personal Identification Number)? A PIN is a four-digit secret number that, along with the card, allows access to your WIC benefits. When selecting a PIN, choose four numbers that are easy for you to remember, but hard for someone else to figure out (for example, your parent’s or child’s birthday).
    • DO NOT write your PIN on your card.
    • DO NOT give your PIN to anyone that you do not want to use your card. If someone knows your PIN and uses your card to get your food benefits without your permission, those benefits will not be replaced.

    What if I forget my PIN or want to change it?

    You can change your PIN several ways:

    • Visit your online account at
    • Call the toll free number on the back of your eWIC card.

    What if I enter the wrong PIN?

    DO NOT try to guess your PIN. If the correct PIN is not entered on the third try, your PIN will be locked. This is done as a protection from someone guessing your PIN and getting your food benefits. There are two ways to unlock your card:

    • Call the toll free number on the back of your eWIC card
    • Wait until midnight and your account will automatically unlock