A lot of pressure comes with being a parent and we can easily stress out over trying to be “perfect”. Guess what, there is no such thing! So make sure you celebrate and give yourself credit for all those little successes you’ll enjoy as your family grows! At the end of the day it’s figuring out what works best for you and your family.

The cereals shown here are our most popular cereals available in the WIC program.  But keep in mind, not all products and sizes are allowed in every WIC program.  Be sure to scan your cereal with your WICShopper scanner to verify that it is eligible for you!


Ready to cook?

We have provided WICShopper with lots of fun recipes to make cooking for your family interesting and delicious.  Have fun while exploring new flavors. Give these recipes a try – they’re specially designed to meet the needs of busy moms.

Life hacks!

We’ve also put together some fun, cost effective ways to hack your way out mundane cooking routine

Kellogg's Healthy Beginnings


You’ve got your hands full. Kellogg’s has create a whole website with tips and ideas to keep good nutrition at the top of the list for your children.

Cheesy Broccoli Bake
WICShopper add flavor without frying
Flavor without frying
It's easy, mixed crushed corn flakes with your favorite seasoning. Then, dip chicken or fish in lightly beaten egg whites and roll in the cereal coating. Bake until cooked through and crisp. Enjoy! For detailed recipes and nutrition information, visit healthybeginnings.com.
Jamaican Chicken Fingers with Mustard-Orange Sauce
A touch of spice and a touch of sweet make these a hit
Fruit and Cereal Smoothie
Fruit, cereal and milk all blended into one delicious smoothie.
Quick and Easy Croutons
Zesty two minute croutons
Individual Peach Crisps
Celebrate fresh peach season with these quick-and-easy individual desserts. Or, for a change of pace, serve them for breakfast.
WIC Tasty low cost croutons
Delicious low cost croutons
Toss a cup of corn or rice flakes with a small amount of oil and a few dashes of seasoning. Try Italian seasonings with a garden salad. For something with a southwest kick, try a blend of oregano, chili powder, and cumin. For detailed recipes and nutrition information, visit healthybeginnings.com.
Apple Peanut Butter Breakfast Cookies
New! Apple Peanut Butter Breakfast Cookies
Cookies for Breakfast? Sure! When they contain crispy rice cereal and peanut butter.
Cranberry Maple Cinnamon Crispix Mix
New! Cranberry Maple Cinnamon Snack Mix
Cranberry and maple flavors mix into a snack that will be a fall favorite
Berry Topped French Toast
Crunchy Fish Fillets
Serve these crunchy, oven-baked fish fillets with citrus wedges, salsa or your favorite tartar sauce.
Crispy Peanut Chicken Wings
Crunchy Topped Chili-Mac Skillet
Crunchy French Toast Sandwiches
Make meat go further
Crush rice cereals and mix with canned fish or ground turkey to add great texture to fish patties and flavorful meatballs. For hearty meats like ground beef, try adding crushed wheat flakes or frosted shredded wheat to add some fiber to meatloaf and a touch of sweetness. For detailed recipes and nutrition information, visit healthybeginnings.com.
Rice and Tuna Casserole
Parmesan Meatballs
Parmesan Meatballs
Low-fat meatballs made with turkey and rice flake cereal
Veggie Egg Bites
New! Southwestern Veggie Egg Bites with Corn Flakes
Easy and filling breakfast. Small enough to enjoy on the go.
Frozen Tropical Kashi Yogurt Cups
New! Frozen Tropical Cereal Yogurt Cups
These frozen treats are perfect for a hot summer day
Special K Berry Smoothie Bowl
New! Rice Flake Berry Smoothie Bowl
In a bowl, or in a glass. This breakfast smoothie will getting going, really fast.
Italian Croutons
Salmon Quiche
This quiche is wonderful for a weekend brunch or a family dinner. Just add a tossed salad and crusty whole grain rolls for a complete meal.
Peanut Snack Mix
peanut butter and banana no bake bites
New! Peanut Butter and Banana No-Bake Crisp Rice Cereal Bites
No bake banana peanut butter cookies are simple and easy make
P, B and J Dip
Corn Flake Chilaquiles
Quick breakfast made with eggs and corn flakes. Make it spicy and top with jalapeno.
Quick and Easy French Toast
Use rice flake cereal to create easy french toast topped with fresh banana and strawberry
Pineapple Corn Muffins
New! Sweet Pineapple Corn Muffins with Corn Flakes Crunch
Pineapple gives these these muffins a touch of sweetness while corn flakes give them a crunchy top
Excite your senses by using creative cereal toppings with a Latin flavor
Chopped avocado makes a great cereal topping. Yes, you heard right, avocado!  Top corn flakes with a few dollops of plain yogurt, add diced avocado and then finish off with a dash of chili powder or cayenne if you want a little heat. This filling, sweet and savory combination tastes great for any meal. For other combination ideas, recipes, and nutrition information, visit: healthybeginnings.com.  

For detailed recipes and nutrition information, visit healthybeginnings.com.

Salmon Patties
Keep a can of salmon and rice cereal on hand and you’ll be ready to make these quick-to-fix salmon patties with a moment’s notice.
Dipped Pears
Dip slices of fall fresh pears into a creamy peanut butter dip, then roll them in rice cereal for a kid-approved snack.
Encourage digestive health with the foods you love
Thicken hearty stews or chili with a cup or two of crushed bran flakes or frosted shredded wheat into the slow cooker or pan. For detailed recipes and nutrition information, visit healthybeginnings.com.
Peanut Butter Cheesecake Dippers
Strawberry Dark Chocolate Pudding Parfaits
New!Chocolate S'mores Cereal Mix
This S’mores Party Mix tastes great and is easy to prepare within minutes
Oven-Lovin Chicken
Cinnamon-Sweet Potato Dip
A hot, wholesome on the go breakfast in minutes
Bake and freeze a batch of breakfast muffins over the weekend using high fiber cereals like frosted shredded wheat or bran flakes. Every morning, pop a muffin in the microwave for 20 seconds at a time until warm and soft. Then, cut the muffin in half and fill with peanut butter and banana slices, a slice of turkey and cheese, or just a touch of fruit preserves. For detailed recipes and nutrition information, visit healthybeginnings.com.
Black Bean Brownies with Peanut Butter
Sweet or savory toppings in a snap
Use crushed corn flakes or crispy rice mixed with a touch of Parmesan cheese to top off casseroles instead of bread crumbs. Toss crushed frosted shredded wheat with cinnamon and a touch of brown sugar to top off baked apples, peaches, or other warm, yummy treats.

For detailed recipes and nutrition information, visit healthybeginnings.com.

Tropical Overnight Wheats
Frosted Mini Wheats Chocolate Strawberry Yogurt Parfai
New! Frosted Wheats Chocolate Strawberry Yogurt Parfait
Great for breakfast, a snack, or even dessert.
Orange-Berry Muffins
Sweet Baked Plantains
The banana-like fruits are rich in certain vitamins and minerals that contribute to good health. Plantains are available at most large grocery stores and can add new flavors and recipes to your healthy-eating plan.
Cheesy Taco Crispix® Mix
New! Cheesy Taco Snack Mix
The cheesy taco flavor everyone loves in an easy-to-make snack mix recipe
Cinnamon Raisin Stuffed Apples
A hearty, cinnamon-flavored stuffing fills these tender, juicy apples. Choose apples that bake well, such as Cortland, Granny Smith, McIntosh, Jonathan, Rome Beauty, Empire, Fuji or Gala.
Spicy Bean Burgers
Chili powder and onion add lots of flavor to these easy-to-make bean patties. Serve them for dinner along with picante sauce or salsa.
Cinnamon Apple Overnight Wheats
Corn Chowder with Parmesan Croutons
Fall Spice Snack Dippers
Carrot Cake Frosted Wheat Bowl
Can’t get enough carrot cake? Then this breakfast bowl is for you. It combines the traditional flavors in a cereal and yogurt bowl.
Baked Tuna Croquettes
This oven-baked version of tuna croquettes contains less fat, but all the flavor and crunch of traditional croquettes.
Horchata Smoothie
We streamlined the process of making horchata—instead of soaking rice, we added rice cereal to this easy, cinnamon-flavored smoothie.
Stir It Up
Amazing flavor combinations with WIC cereals and imaginative stir in ideas
A quick cheat that makes great French toast crispy on the outside and soft on the inside
When making French toast, add the simple step of coating the slices in crushed corn flakes after you’ve dipped them in your egg mixture. Quickly transfer to your pan to cook until crisp and crunchy on the outside.

Mix and match for the nutrition you want and the taste you love
  Love corn flakes and looking to add more fiber to your diet? Mix corn flakes and bran wheat flakes to get the right balance of flavor and nutrition you're looking for  

For detailed recipes and nutrition information, visit healthybeginnings.com.

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Life hacks are little ways to make our lives easier. These low-budget tips and tricks will help bring variety into your cooking routines and create healthy, delicious meals for your family.

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