WIC Shopping Simplified

WIC shopping, simplified.

The WIC EBTShopper mobile app enables WIC participants to verify the WIC eligibility of items while shopping. In many states, EBTShopper can load the participant’s current WIC benefits, allowing them to know with certainty what they can purchase using the benefits remaining on their card.

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EBTShopper helps:

Families each day

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“We believe this to be one of the newest and most attractive developments in WIC shopping in sometime.”

Earl B. (“Brad”) Christy, Jr.

Load your benefits

Can’t find the printed balance from your last shopping trip? EBTShopper has you covered!

Scan Items

Scan products while you shop to verify that they are WIC eligible with YOUR benefits!


Our mission for EBTShopper is to work together with WIC agencies, participants, retailers, manufacturers and health advocates to use technology and innovation to advance an already great program to even higher levels of social good.

Maximize your benefits

Knowing what you have available will help you to maximize your benefits each month.

Simplified checkout

Since you have pre-checked your products, you can expect smooth sailing when you get to the register!

What EBTShopper does

In all of our supported WIC programs, you can use your phone to scan products to check their WIC eligibility. In Florida, Kentucky and West Virginia, you can simply (and securely) register your WIC card, then automatically download your CURRENT benefits every time you shop!  EBTShopper doesn’t just tell you if the product is WIC eligible – it tells you if it’s WIC eligible for YOU and if you have the remaining benefits to purchase it. 

Watch the video below for a quick demo.

What WIC Participants are saying

Omg!!!!! Everyone with wic needs this!
I am going to start telling all of my customers about this!!!
Just plain cool!
Anyone with WIC this app is wonderful. i can actually keep up with everything that is on my WIC card.
Get this app!
To all my friends that have WIC, get this app. its great.
This helps me more than anything!
Glad they made an app!
Must try!
This is an awesome app! Must try if u have WIC!!
OMG best app ever!!
Every time I go to the store I have problems with what’s approved or not !!! Love it!
LOVE IT!!!!!!
I can never find my receipt so this is very convenient and handy. Even if this app was $1 I would pay for it.
Works great!
I love that i don’t have to be embarrassed at the checkout with things not going through any more!!
Loooooove this app!!!
So helpful, simple and useful! I’ve recommended it to everyone I know with the benefits. Thanks for making it.
Best app ever :-)
This app helped me a lot!
Awesome App!
I love being able to see my wic balance with out having to save and scramble for a recent receipt when I need to go to the store. Very convenient!
Excellent! Convenient! This app ROCKS!
I was able to see my balance & the best part was being able to scan barcodes! Saved me a lot of headaches! Love this app, very convenient!
Amazing!!!! Love it!
I used to hate going WIC shopping but now I love it. Thanks for this helpful application.

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