WIC shopping, simplified.
How the EBTShopper mobile application is helping WIC participants...
Confident Checkout

WIC Shopping


Grocery shopping for WIC participants is complex.  You may not know with certainty what products you can purchase, leading to confusion and frustration at the checkout.  EBTShopper simplifies the WIC shopping experience for busy moms.

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Wise WIC Shopping

EBTShopper mobile application for WIC Shopping!


With the EBTShopper™ mobile application, WIC participants can determine what merchandise is WIC eligible as they shop.  In many states, we can load the prescription directly to the phone to remove any uncertainty about what they can or cannot purchase with their benefits.

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Advanced Features


In many states, EBTShopper™ can read your current benefits and provide a detailed list of exactly what is remaining to you.  With your prescription on your phone, you are ready to get the most from the food packages for your family.  We are also working with retailers to provide a list of the WIC eligible items that they carry for each category.

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